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Welcome to the Primary Library!

I am so excited to be the Primary Librarian and to have your student explore the wonderful world of books.
Your child will have the privilege to visit the library and check out a book once a week during specials with their class and during the mornings before school and at the end of the day.  Your child should bring their book back each week so they can check out a new book.  There isn't a fine for late books, however they will not be allowed to check out another book until materials have been returned.  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair it will need to be paid for. Please send only check or money order to pay for lost or damaged books. If you move please remember to return library books before you go. 

 The Primary library is the first experience using a library on their own. We will have lessons on:

- how to find and check out a book in the library
- the difference between fiction and non-fiction
- basic research skills
- develop a love for reading.
I  look forward to a great year!
April Fitzwater
Building Librarian

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