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Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement

Reeds Spring Early Education Center is devoted to the social, emotional, and academic success of all students. We believe in providing a fun, safe, stimulating, nurturing, and developmentally age-appropriate environment for all children.




RSEEC has numerous objectives that the staff strives to reach daily through the scheduled and self-selected activities. They are:


  • to provide a fun, safe environment that is developmentally age appropriate
  • to maintain a daily schedule/routine
  • to provide a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack
  • to provide outside exploration
  • to provide an opportunity to interact with peers to learn social skills and conflict resolution
  • to provide an opportunity for solitary and group play
  • to provide hands-on learning
  • to partner with caregivers to best serve each individual child and meet their needs
  • to teach to the whole child-cognitive, social, emotional, and physical by providing a wide variety of opportunities for each child to explore their world 

Philosophy Statement

Reeds Spring Early Education Center will help children grow by meeting their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs in a closely supervised environment through the planned and self-selected activities of the day.  The center believes that children are hands-on active learners, thus RSEEC-FD strives to provide numerous opportunities for engaging in all domains of learning (social, emotional, language, and cognitive, which help to mold children into well-rounded individuals.