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Health Information/Illness policy

Immunization Records
Please bring in updated Immunization records each time your child receives an immunization. These records need to be up to date in your child's file. 


Can my child attend today? - Health of children

Children will be allowed to attend the center as soon as they are free of symptoms, without medication, for a minimum of 24 hours. Other illnesses may be cause for exclusion and will be based on the recommendation of the Missouri Health Department. These include but are not limited to:

  • fever-temperature 100 degrees or greater
  • episode of vomiting-once if associated with fever or 2 times in general, or too sick to participate in activities
  • Diarrhea - more than one (1) abnormally loose stool. If a child has one (1) loose stool, s/he shall be observed for additional loose stools or other symptoms.
  • severe coughing or difficulty breathing
  • yellowish skin or eyes
  • unusual spots or rashes
    • Rashes: All rashes must be seen by a doctor. Child can return to center with a doctor’s note stating that child is no longer contagious
  • sore throat or trouble swallowing
  • lice in the hair
  • inflamed or reddened eyes